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Learn why Mission Reds are the latest hyped supplement product

Reds pack a nutritional punch that can’t be beaten! So if you are trying to improve your health and stamina without taking unnatural chemically derived ingredients or unproven herbs, Reds will help. This simple powdered supplement that you take as a drink is the perfect way to support any bodybuilding regime and as a way to boost health and fitness via the power of antioxidants-rich natural fruit ingredients.

Reds are becoming increasingly popular on the health scene. So let’s take a look to find out why Reds are hitting the spot and what you need to look for in a Reds supplement.

First up, what are Red Powders?

Red Powders are made from a blend of red orange and purple fruits, berries and vegetables so provide a fantastic blend of natural antioxidants, enzymes and nutrients that will support your health and energy levels.

Red Powders are not the same as Green powders. Although the idea is much the same, the two types of powdered supplement play different roles because of their ingredients content.

Greens are based on green vegetables and grasses and are fantastic for boosting general health and immunity. Reds contain a different range of nutrients that like Greens boost health and immunity but have additional benefits of increasing energy along with other benefits such as improving heart health. Reds are extremely high in antioxidants. They are based on red colored superfoods that score very highly on the ORAC scale – the measurement scale developed by the NIH that evaluates food on its antioxidant capacity. The Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity was developed by scientists at the National Institute of Health and Aging (NIH) to measures the antioxidant capacity of different foods.

You can take Greens and Reds together. But if you are an athlete or body builder, you should definitely consider taking Reds because it not only improves your heart health, it improves your stamina and energy levels.

Why are antioxidants so important?

Antioxidants are molecules found in certain types of food that help the body protect itself from illness, disease and oxidative stress. They are also important for giving us energy and for helping the metabolism function correctly.

Antioxidants are the reason why all the health advice is to include a wide range of different colored fruit and veg.

We all know we need to eat more greens. Less well known is that we all need to eat our reds too. Beetroot, berries and red vegetables such as carrots all contain powerful phytochemicals that are essential for our health and energy levels.

Why are Reds so good for health and bodybuilding?

If you are looking to boost your health, increase the speed of your metabolism and improve your heart health and energy levels, Reds will help.

Reds contain a wide spectrum of natural superfoods, a description that refers to fruits and berries that are extremely that are high in antioxidants such as strawberries, black currents, carrots, pomegranates and cranberries.

In addition, Reds contain vitamins, digestive enzymes and fiber so provide a satisfying natural drink that helps promote satiety.

Reds helps boost health and energy

Mission Reds contain a blend of phytonutrients, vitamins and antioxidants derived from superfood ingredients including red berries and other red food stuffs.

Red berries: Strawberries, cranberries, black raspberries, blackberries raspberries, cherries; berries are a nutritional powerhouse crammed with antioxidants. High in vitamin C they contain polyphenols, resveratrol and anthocyanins which help reduce blood pressure and improve the function of the metabolism. Berries help anti-aging and reduce oxidative stress.

Carrot powder; Carrots contain two main types of antioxidants anthocyanins and carotenoids which help support gut health and heart health.

Beetroot Powder: Beets are a powerhouse of health. They improve blood flow to the heart so can improve stamina and energy levels. Because Beets contain high levels of nitrates they increase nitric oxide levels improving muscle function and heart health.

Apple fruit powder: Apples are high in a fiber called pectin which improves gut health and increases feelings of satiety thanks to its prebiotic function.

Flaxseed oil powder: Especially good for women as it contains lignans an antioxidant type that is similar to estrogen. Rich in fiber flaxseed is a good source of omega-3.

Other fruit powders including papaya, mango, peach and banana powder: Rich in minerals such as potassium and full of fiber, these assorted fruit powders provide extra firepower to the formula.

Pomegranate powder: Lots of health benefits including minerals, fiber, vitamins and even some protein.

Watermelon powder: Watermelon contains a compound called citrulline which improves nitric oxide and stamina.

The formula contains 7, 930 mg of active ingredients plus 100 mg of natural stevia extract so is completely natural with no filler ingredients.

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